Connecting With Media Producers
Are You Newsworthy?
Would you like to get more (or any) media interviews? Do you wonder how you can gain the attention of media outlets? If so, Shock Your Media Potential is your way to showcase your areas of expertise.
How Do You Get Noticed By the Media?
Media producers are constantly looking for professional sources, but if they don't know about you, you can't be of help. Being a trusted source, however, will help you with credibility and visibility for you and your business. Our new website will help media producers find you!
Show Yourself Off!
Producers want to know that you can get a last minute call, show up, grab the mic, and be an asset to their audience while also being professional and engaging. My friends at Good Morning America know they can hand me the mic at any time!
What Do We Offer?
Our Objective is To Get You Noticed!
Profile Page: You will have your own profile page with links to your past media interviews and/or speaking clips.
Subject Expert: Pick up to three major categories for areas of expertise and up to 3 sub-topics for your annual enrollment.
Promotion: You will be promoted through our social media channels once per month, and our team will be driving media producers to our site.
Links to You: Your profile page will also contain your bio, social media links, company info and more. We will become the premier site for media producers to find you.
Take a look at our sister site Shock Your Potential Bookstore to see how we are building this platform. 
September 30, 2021
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Shock Your Potential and our sister company KukuaBiz have made many transitions since March 2020. At that time there was just Shock Your Potential, my global leadership and sales training organization. When the world shut down I decided to double down on growth strategies for my company, and found many successful tools that have  helped me to grow and scale. Today I can offer many of these to you.

Through KukuaBiz, you can find remote workers, based in Kenya, who can help you with vital company functions. Through our new specialty programs like our virtual bookstore, media connections, podcast booking services, podcast management services and more, you can find affordable growth solutions for your company as well. Let us help you today!
Michael Sherlock
The Details
When Will The Website Be Live?
What Do You Need From Me?
How Will I Know It Is Working?
  • We anticipate a soft launch in  October 2021 and the official launch November 15, 2021.
  • We will ask you for video clips, social media links, bio, desired other links, etc.
  • Every month you will receive stats on how many times your page was viewed.